Halloween is a fun time of year and I wanted to share some fun things you can do with your family. 
Here are some simple activities, gifts, and projects your children will love!

Witch Hat Toss
Fun Halloween game that you can make at home. These are simple items and its easy to make. 
Check out this post on how to create this fun game! 

How to Create

Cheap Halloween Goodies
Amazon has so many fun things to get when it comes to Halloween. I found some fun stampers, stickers, pencils, and cute Halloween bags to put all your fun stuff in.

This is a great idea for a Halloween party at your home, school, or if you like to get fancy with kids that trick-or-treat at your home. 

You can find my Halloween List here

Pin the Spider on the Web
Another fun Halloween game is Pin the Spider on the Web. It is so easy to create and play with your kids, friends, and even in the classroom. 

Check out my blog post on how to create a simple spider web on the wall.

Create Your Web Here

Knock Down the Ghost
Another fun and simple game for the kids is Knock Down the Ghost. There are a couple options to play this game and there are so many ways to get creative with this game! 
How to Play
Punch a Cup
This is a great game because the kids get to punch something for a prize. Then, they get whatever surprise is in that cup. Click the button to see how to create this easy and fun-filled game! 
Click Here
Easy Dirt Cups
There are so many fun desserts to make on Halloween or for any party with kids, really... but this one is by far the easiest and most fun with the kids. This is something they can even make themselves. 
Three ingredients and only minutes of your time! 
Let's Dig In

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